When we think of the most common mediums of professional communication, email is top of mind. We send dozens of emails a day and rely heavily on them to have conversations with clients, and demonstrate creativity. Due to email prevalence in the workspace, it is important to be sure your email marketing strategy is clear, concise, and organized. How can you be sure of this? With the implementation of the three pillars to email strategy: segmentation, personalization, and data-driven analysis. 

The first pillar, segmentation, focuses primarily on context and content. Be sure your emails are reaching the right audience, and sharing the right information they want to hear. Two key concepts to keep in mind for segmentation are buyer personas and buyer’s journey. Organize your contact list by buyer personas which should include the representation of your ideal customer based on real data, demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals. Keep in mind where they are in the buyer’s journey, if they are in the awareness, consideration, or decision stage.

The second pillar, personalization, is a focus on adding a personalized and human touch to your emails. Send behavioral emails to clients, automated, targeted emails to contacts based on historical interactions they’ve had with the company across all channels. Always add a personalized touch to the emails, including their name in the email subject and greeting. 

The third pillar, data-driven analysis, allows you to evolve by tracking your email success rates. Who opens, who unsubscribes, who replies, and other data points will provide you the opportunity to give customers what they need for them to continue the conversation with you. Implement and track metrics that matter to your business, and understand what those metrics indicate about your success, so you can optimize and improve your emails.

Along with setting goals for your email marketing campaigns, the three pillars are a must for your email strategy. Implement the three pillars, and you are sure to increase communications success and track what works.