Digital advocacy used to be cutting edge. Today it is table stakes.

In order to reach Members, staff, regulators and senior administrative officials you simply have to use digital tools.

In the same way meetings, letters, calls, and texts made up how we communicate. Today Social Media, podcasts, videos, and digital advertising are tools successful advocates use when the stakes are high.

Why HVS?

Experience. We are former gubernatorial appointees, chief legislative consultants, Fortune 500 lobbyists, and agency regulators who were in the room when some of California’s biggest policy decisions were made. We know what works, and what doesn’t.

Integrity. You’ll get an honest evaluation from the get-go. If there’s no chance of winning, we’ll tell you to save your money. As a client, your issue becomes our personal crusade.

Results. Your success drives us to go above and beyond. We’re not just PR people, we flex our political network to help you build powerful coalitions to win today’s fights and defend against tomorrow’s threats.