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Where Experience Meets Innovation

Gone are the days when digital advocacy was considered avant-garde; it’s now the baseline requirement. Reaching decision-makers—be they legislators, staff, regulatory authorities, or executive officials—demands leveraging digital tools.

Just as traditional methods like meetings, letters, calls, and texts once dominated communication, today’s successful advocates harness the power of social media, podcasts, videos, and digital advertising, particularly when the stakes are high.

    Why Choose High View Strategies?

    Experience: Our team comprises former gubernatorial appointees, chief legislative consultants, Fortune 500 lobbyists, and agency regulators who’ve been pivotal in shaping California’s most significant policy decisions. We’ve seen what works, and more importantly, what doesn’t.

    Integrity: From the outset, you’ll receive a candid assessment. If victory seems unlikely, we won’t hesitate to advise you to conserve your resources. As our client, your cause becomes our personal mission.

    Results: Your triumph motivates us to surpass expectations. We’re more than just PR professionals; we leverage our political networks to help you forge robust coalitions to win today’s battles and fortify against tomorrow’s challenges.

      Meet Our Team

      Russell Lowery

      Managing Partner

      With over 25 years of firsthand experience in political and policy negotiations, Russell Lowery offers strategic political, policy, and association management services to clients in California and Washington, DC. His extensive background spans senior legislative, political, public affairs, and lobbying roles.

      Therese Twomey


      Therese Twomey joined High View Strategies with a mission to champion public policies that drive a more prosperous future for all Californians. Drawing from her diverse experience in the Administration, legislature, and influential Third House roles, she brings over 20 years of policy and advocacy expertise to the table.

      Dennis Demeterio

      VP of Graphic Design

      Bringing 25 years of graphic design expertise to High View Strategies, Dennis Demeterio raises the bar in his role. With a rich history in graphic and web design, Dennis showcases top-tier skills in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and After Effects, enhancing our clients' digital advocacy and marketing efforts.

      Cliff Oakes

      Chief Financial Officer

      With over 25 years of proficiency in financial management, business audits, and public policy, Mr. Oakes is a seasoned leader. His tenure at the California State Board of Equalization (BOE) equipped him with the expertise to navigate policy and tax controversies, fostering resolutions for numerous companies and constituents.

      David Martinez

      Video Production/Design

      With over 8 years of experience in video and photo creation and editing, David Martinez is a seasoned professional. Drawing inspiration from both traditional and innovative approaches, David's work on film sets informs his visually compelling communications, enhancing our clients' digital presence.

      Jake Blocker

      Account Executive

      Jake Blocker epitomizes adaptability, boasting over 3 years of experience as a communication specialist. His versatile skill set encompasses blog writing, script editing, content creation, podcast production, social media engagement, client outreach, digital marketing, and account management—making him an invaluable asset to High View Strategies.

      Adrian Moore-Gonzalez

      Account Executive

      Adrian Moore-Gonzalez is a seasoned professional at High View Strategies with 10 years of expertise in Client Outreach and Executive Services. With a knack for forging lasting relationships and providing top-notch executive support, Adrian excels in delivering unparalleled service to clients and executives alike.