Russell Lowery

Managing Partner

Russell Lowery has over 25 years of hands-on political and policy negotiating experience. He provides political, policy, strategy, and association management services to clients in California and Washington, DC. Mr. Lowery has more than 25 years of senior legislative, political, public affairs, and lobbying experience.

Therese Twomey


Therese Twomey joined High View Strategies to drive public policies that invest in a more prosperous future for all Californians. She brings a unique perspective, having worked for the Administration, the Legislature and the third house in influential capacities. Therese has more than 20 years of policy and advocacy experience.

Dennis Demeterio

VP of Graphic Design

With 25 years of experience in graphic design, Dennis Demeterio is bringing excellence to High View Strategies in his new role. From his long history as a graphic/web designer and project coordinator, Dennis demonstrates top tier photoshop, illustration, indesign, and after- effects skills, elevating High View clients’ digital advocacy and marketing to the next level.

Cliff Oakes

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Oakes has over 25 years of expertise in financial management, business audits, and public policy. As a leader at the California State Board of Equalization (BOE), Mr. Oakes worked with many companies and constituents to resolve policy or tax controversy issues before the BOE.

Gil Gonzales

Strategic Partner

Gil Gonzales is a Senior Economic Development and Public Affairs professional with a 15-year track record serving in various strategic capacities within state and local government. He has notable experience leading legislative advocacy, public affairs and economic development initiatives while designing and executing strategies for effective government outreach and policy at the municipal and federal levels.

David Martinez

Video Production/Design

David Martinez has over 8 years of experience with video and photo creation and editing across different applications. David has worked extensively on film sets, drawing inspiration from traditional and trendsetting approaches that produce visually appealing communications.

Anthony Housewright

Graphic Design

Your creatives will stand out! Anthony has over 20 years of design expertise and continually hones his skills with the latest trends in the latest techniques so your communications are fresh and resonate with audiences.

Jake Blocker

Account Executive

Jake Blocker is the embodiment of adaptability. With over 3 years of experience as a communication specialist, Jake fills a valuable, multi-purpose role for High View Strategies. His contributions include blog writing, script editing, content creation, podcast production, social media engagement, client outreach, digital marketing, and account management.

Tracy Starks-Harden

Print Layout

Tracy is a skilled and knowledgeable print operator. Her attention to detail and focused work ethic are a tremendous asset to our printing process.

Jeff LoForti


With over 25 years of experience in the creative print industry, Jeff leads our production team. He oversees quality control and ensures each project meets or exceeds expectations.

Jose Castro


Jose knows the intimate details of the creative business and brings that knowledge to every project. He knows how to match a variety of solutions to specific demands. He speaks Spanish as fluently as he speaks print!

Elise Brewer-Seeds

Customer Service

Elise is a client-service champion. She brings a friendly personality and will bend over backward to make sure you get what you need.