Are you looking to use digital marketing to grow your business or brand? You must first start with the digital marketing fundamentals. The 5 fundamentals of marketing are content marketing, search engine optimization, social media, ad targeting, and email marketing. Using these fundamentals, while delivering the right content, to the right people, at the right time will guide you to success. 

Content marketing focuses on all of your website content. This includes videos, interactive tools, educational information, and blogs. Once you have your content, you must be sure to look into search engine optimization. Optimize your website and it’s content to increase your odds of appearing in search engines by combining relevance with authority. Create high quality links to your high value website content. 

Social media is what you should focus on next, it is the most resourceful conversation hub in the modern era. Use this to have direct, personal conversations with customers, share your content, and link to your website. You should also consider boosting your social media posts to reach a wider audience.  

Boosted social media posts will lead you to the next fundamental of digital marketing, ad targeting. Once you have an idea of who is interested in your product, you can deliver ads directly to those interested customers. This is ensures you are targeting the right audience with the right content. Those who want to buy are the focus.

Finally, there’s email marketing. Emails are about starting and continuing conversations with customers. They allow for creativity and personalization. Remember to create a human, personalized, helpful, customer driven experience. Marketing can be tough, but if you master these fundamentals, it will help you find success.