Experience the In-house difference

Coalition Building

We employ a unique Member Mobilization strategy to engage members, influence officials, and drive donations. Advocates leverage coalitions to persuade the public and officials effectively. We tailor messages for different stakeholders and offer services including coalition building, employee rallying, communication design, and metric provision for California success.

Strategic Digital Advertising

We hit people on their phones like no-one else. Our precision-targeted messaging ensures your voice reaches supporters and decision-makers right where they live- on their phones.


Vibrant Video Podcasts

Join the conversation as influential voices dissect pressing issues. From leading legislators to community champions, our podcasts bridge the gap between policy and people.

Tailored Websites

Your online presence should be as unique as your cause. Our customized websites blend engaging content with informative resources, becoming a hub for supporters and media alike.


Social Media Mastery

From engaging with legislators to igniting stakeholder conversations, we wield social media like a digital Swiss Army knife. Witness how social media influencers helped tip the scales, defeating legislation with the power of their reach.

Collateral That Captivates

Say goodbye to data overload. Our polished infographics and handouts distill complexity into clarity, reflecting your brand’s essence with every glance.


HVS vs. Competitors

  • Data Dominance: More than 1 trillion bytes of data collected and sorted every month for laser precision audience targeting.
  • Audience Accuracy: Greater than 90% audience match to specific phones. Our competitors are using zip codes and look-alike audiences. It is not the same.
  • Click-Thru Superiority: Triple the click-thru rate of competitors. More effective. Lower costs.

Shortcomings of Today’s Ad Platforms: Every firm selling digital advocacy is using one or more traditional platforms to place ads. While they’re still useful, these platforms rely on an older algorithm that uses browsing profiles and IP (Internet Protocol) addresses to try and identify target audiences and deliver ads. This leads to less precise audience targeting, low ROI, and advertising spent on those with little or no relationship to your issue.

Make It Count

Because if your ads aren’t seen by the right people, it’s a waste of money.

Ready to Make Waves?

Join the digital advocacy revolution with High View Strategies. Together, let’s turn possibility into progress, one click at a time.