In a business world centered around information sharing, having quality content is key. But how can you efficiently generate content? By using a content creation framework! A content creation framework provides you a way to keep customers or stakeholders educated over time. A framework will also help you plan your content creation months to years ahead of time, allowing you to have consistent, trackable messaging. In doing so, you will know what works, what doesn’t, and where you might need to improve.

Following the content creation steps will help guide your process. There are 5 steps to creating valuable content; 1. Set your goal 2. Conceptualize content 3. Put together a timeline 4. Create a workflow 5. Review and edit.

Your team should consist of a leader for project management and strategy, a marketer for writing, an editor for a fresh set of eyes, a designer for visual appeal, and a social media coordinator for distribution. Remember to set clear expectations, define your roles, determine a timeline, and track your edits.

One tool to consider is a contact management system or CMS for creating, editing, and publishing content. Analytics tools should also be used such as google analytics, and also planning and communication tools like google drive. These can all be used to your advantage when creating your content creation framework.

We can help you each step of the way! Either handling it entirely or working to supplement your team at various points.