We build bridges between land owners, developers, elected officials and capital partners to create great places for people to live, work and play.

The first and most important step is to deeply listen to the landowner and help them clarify their vision.

Step 1:

We listen. Our role is to help landowners transform what they have into what they want. Whether that is money, affordable housing, a church, an apartment complex, mixed-use retain or any number of other uses.

Step 2:

We link. After listening we reach out to developers who specializes in the type of projects the owner wants to see. We think about the ability to deliver the project, the track record, the availability, the personality and other factors that go into a successful project.

Step 3:

We leverage. We have a deep understanding of the political process of development in California. We leverage our relationships at the State, County and City levels to bring together capital partners, developers, landowners, and government officials around a successful project.

Getting things done in California is hard. We make it easier by building bridges between parties before the process even starts.